Rockhampton Podiatrist

Here at Matt Cavanagh Podiatrist our staff are highly trained and able to treat a wide range of conditions including cracked heels, fungal & bacterial foot infections, ingrown toenails, calluses & corns as well as nail surgery, wound and ulcer management and managing the risk of diabetic foot. Our staff utilise cutting edge technology and treatments to ensure the best relief and prevention of pain to ensure you get back into work and sporting activities as quickly and comfortably as possible.

Many people walk around with minor foot conditions believing that with time they will heal themselves only for that condition to deteriorate and spread to the knees and back and even affect posture, it is important that once you begin to feel discomfort in your feet you make an appointment with a podiatrist as soon as possible to prevent increased discomfort. Pain in many other areas can also be related to the feet which can be treated by the staff at Matt Cavanagh Podiatrist, including pains in the hip and back.


While working in the public system in Rockhampton Matt Cavanagh was exposed to a great variety of clinical areas one of which was being part of a team involved in a clinic called the Foot Protection Program, essentially a "Leg Ulcer" clinic that started in 2004. In this clinic Matt gained significant experience in the treatment of high risk patients. Part of the QLD Health duties also saw Matt offer an outreach public clinic based through the Emerald Hospital for one week every month, so to meet demand, and in 2004 received a right of practice allowing him to work privately from the Emerald Hospital after hours. At this time Matt was also working Saturdays privately at CQ Physio seeing mainly internal physio referrals.

In 2007 Matt decided to resign from QLD Health and started consulting privately full-time, utilising the fantastic facilities at the Hillcrest Hospital in Rockhampton and their specialist centre in Emerald.

Since July 2013 Matt has now moved to his own dedicated clinic in Denham Street which now allows him to consult more often in Rockhampton, showing his continued commitment to regional communities.